Deedly Games is a recently started up independent game development studio. At the moment we're only two core members and we are both bro-grammers. We're collaborating with some very talented graphics artists, which feels great! And we're juggling a few projects at ones ;-) We've made two games: Trash Mania & Tiny Tricky Tiles. They are both free 2 play and very awesome! In a near future we might expand the team with a 2D artist and we're super exited about that.

The Deedlies...


- Has been dubbed Alexius Power-stance due to his epic posing whilst playing guitar.

- If chocolate is mentioned around him you can expect to find him meticulously searching the surroundings in order to find some and eat it.

- Has an involuntary impulse to stop himself from sneezing, which the other Deedlies agree will eventually lead to a sad and an unusual engraving over his impending grave site.


- Was ones known as "Coffee" because it sounded like a pokemon which sounded like his last name, and pokemons are awesome!

- If you wonder something related to code, like how to write code or the history of some old programing language, this is your guy! He knows it all.

- His favorite pony from Friendship is Magic is of course Rainbow Dash, who else could it be?!


Our idea is to develop games that make people smile. What we want is for people who play our games to have fun. Yes, it's as simple as that. We also like to dedicate a portion of the revenue from each game we've developed to charity. Because when we do that, we FEEL GOOD.